Nintendo Wii Game Review of Cake Mania: In the Mix

Nintendo Wii Game Review of Cake Mania: In the Mix

Who doesn’t love a delicious, pretty-looking cake? It’s even better if that cake is calorie free! If you have an unwavering sweet tooth, long for the days of home ec class, or have ever dreamed about owning your own bakery, Cake Mania: In the Mix just might be the perfect game for you!
Cake Mania: In the Mix is a simple, yet challenging time management game developed by Sandlot Games. This addicting Wii game features Jill, an ambitious pastry chef running her grandparents’ bakery empire. It’s Jill’s responsibility hand each customer a menu, correctly bake each cake, and collect money — all while keeping each customer happy. Beginning levels have you baking simple cakes with a dollop of frosting for patient patrons. As you move into the higher levels, game play becomes much more complicated with fussy customers (some even entering the bakery as couples) requesting two or three-tied creations with two frosting colors, and a decorative topper.

Gameplay: Gameplay is very similar to the other titles in the Cake Mania series. During the game, you progress through 9 different bakery locations, including an underwater bakery and uber posh high rise bakery. As you complete each level, it’s up to you where you set up shop next! The non-linear game progression allows you to choose your next destination, giving you complete control over Jill’s career path.

As you earn more money, upgrades become available to you – a TV set to keep the customers’ patience at bay, top-of-the-line ovens speed up the baking time, or a pair of running shoes to make Jill scuttle around the kitchen faster, and many others. Cake Mania: In the Mix introduces never-before-seen customer-friendly upgrades such as a fish tank and tables. Throughout the various levels, you’ll meet a variety of customers. Cake Mania: In the Mix for Wii includes wacky customers, each with a different patience threshold, including ninjas, police officers, and moms-to-be.

Cake Mania: In the Mix, as well as other time-management games, are considered “casual games”, but as you advance, you’ll find yourself needing to concentrate more and more, eventually giving the game your undivided attention. In the higher levels, Wii’s Cake Mania: In the Mix is not a game you can play while watching your favorite television program or play while chatting on the phone. This game can emotionally taxing, especially in those higher levels when you have angry leprechauns and irate surgeons storming off in a fit of rage because they didn’t get their complicated cake within 7 seconds, so it might not be the best choice to play after a hectic day at the office. Frosting cakes for demanding customers can leave you feeling even more stressed out – very counterproductive when you’re trying to unwind at night!

In addition to the traditional storyline mode, Cake Mania: In the Mix offers – endless bakery and multi-player mode, allowing up to four players to get all up in Jill’s bakery business at once.

The Cake Mania series has been a success on the PC and Nintendo DS, but unfortunately it doesn’t translate well to the motion-based Wii. Because you are using the WiiMote instead of a mouse or a stylus, it makes very difficult to pinpoint the function you need on the screen. Cake Mania: In the Mix requires speed, accuracy and precision, which is easy using a computer mouse, but is an entirely different beast on a Wii. It will take lots of practice to get used to the functions. Mastery is vital during the game’s early stages; if you don’t have the Wii controls  amp; buttons down pat early on, the advanced levels will be nearly impossible to conquer.

Graphics  amp; Music: Cake Mania: In the Mix features the same colorful cartoon-style graphics and catchy music as the previous installments. However, if you’ve played Cake Mania on the computer, the 3-D styled graphics will seem subpar and choppy. You might also consider reading stella game review written by one of my cousin on his blog.

Overall:Cake Mania: In the Mix earns a B- in my book. If you’re new to the Cake Mania series, you might want to try your hand on the PC games first to see if you like it, as they are much easier to control and free 1-hour trials are available online for download. If you love the Cake Mania franchise, then you’ll probably want it for your Wii. Just beware of its shortcomings and challenges with its motion-based interface. Ranging in price from $17.99 – $29.99, Cake Mania: In the Mix won’t break the bank.

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