Finding the Right pair of Nursing Shoes for Women

Finding the Right pair of Nursing Shoes for Women

Gone are those days when nursing shoes were unattractive and unappealing to the eyes.  So much has changed in recent times and nursing shoes were not left out. These shoes have evolved from being dull and bulky into stylish shoes with various styles, designs and colors to choose from. Nursing shoes goes beyond just looks though; these shoes have come a long way in functionality, providing greater support and protection as well as comfort. Nurses spend a whole lot of time on their feet so it is imperative that those feet are well catered for. Finding the right pair of nursing shoes can be a daunting task; this article will act as a guide.

The first thing to do before setting out on your best nursing shoes quest is to know your foot! The feet act as a foundation for the body and if the foundation is faulty, it poses a big problem for the whole building which is the body in this case. Your feet rolls in (pronate) and out (supinate) when walking to absorb the shock and the weight. The wear pattern of the bottom of your shoes can tell how your foot rolls. People with flat feet tend to over pronate while people with high arches tend to under pronate. Motion control shoes are best for over pronation while cushioned shoes are the optimal choice for under pronation. Before your nursing shoe shopping, you should go for gait analysis to ascertain the nature of your feet from a runner’s shop with the right equipment.

How to Find the Right Pair of Nursing Shoes for Women

The nursing profession is dominated by women. Women deserve all the love and care in the world because they are hardworking and caring; it is not an easy job to be a nurse. When shopping for nursing shoes, please take note of the following:

Weight: Nursing requires a lot of walking and running. Carrying extra weight on your feet can slow you down and make you tire quickly. When shopping for nursing shoes, look for a lightweight pair. If your current shoes are comfortable and lightweight enough for you, weighing them to know the weight is not a bad idea. This way, you go for shoes that are as light as the former pair or lighter. Your legs will begin to feel heavy after a few hours on the job, you don’t need heavy shoes to make matters worse.

Size: It is perfectly normal for one foot to be bigger than another. When shopping for nursing shoes, try out the shoes with the big foot instead.

Price: For something as important as nursing shoes, price shouldn’t be the main criteria for purchasing a pair. Go for a pair that will provide you with comfort and safety no matter the price, not a cheap pair that will cause you pain and health issues. Most nursing shoes come with a warranty that allows you return them if you are not satisfied with them.


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