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Month: August 2017

Finding the Best Water Purifier

Finding the Best Water Purifier

Access to safe drinking water is a problem the world over. Water is very essential to living things; clean drinking water is necessary for healthy living. Water purifier technology helps to turn unclean and hazardous water into safe drinking water. Getting a quality water purifier that will deliver on all the promises made by the marketer can be difficult; all sellers claim their brand is superior in the water purifier line.

There are so many options to choose from in the market. How does an intending buyer know the best one to buy and why?

First of all, let us take a look into the various types of water purifiers available.

Whole House Water Purifiers

This type of water purifiers are best for a family house because it purifiers all the water that comes into the house. This means that your sink, shower, washing machines, water heaters and the rest are all safe. The water that runs in the house has been purified upon entry. It is usually installed at a point where the main pipe which supplies water to the house is.

Pitcher Water Filters

Unlike whole house water purifiers, pitcher water filters only purify your drinking water. This is ideal for someone who is on a budget. Pitchers can remove a whole lot of contaminants from water, improve the taste and color and is extremely convenient and affordable.

In-Line Water Filters or Refrigerator Purifiers

In-line water filters or refrigerator purifiers are filters attached to your refrigerator so that it dispenses clean and safe water. This ensures that your refrigerated water and ice cubes are formed with clean and safe drinking water.

Faucet and Shower Heads

It is possible to purify the water that comes from individual shower heads and sinks in your house. Faucet and shower head water purifiers makes it possible to purify water from individual shower heads and faucets. They are easy to install and don’t require advanced plumbing knowledge to be able to install. They are also less expensive and convenient and gets the job done.

How to Know the Best Water Purifier to Buy

The best way to make sure you’re buying the best water purifier for your water needs is by reading reviews about various brands and products. There are so many reviews to look at both offline and online written by industry experts and consumers.

Reviews often reveal a lot about the purifier you may have in mind and give information about the installation, advantages and disadvantages of the product, price, durability, maintenance and performance of the water purifier. This will go a long way in influencing you and helping you chose the right purifier.

Ensure you read reviews from trusted reviewers like and actual consumers just like you.